Kanangra-Boyd NP

  • Katoomba to Kanangra (K2K) – Photos
  • Kanangra to Katoomba in a day (Lead by SBW)
  • Katoomba to Jenolan Caves (K2J) via Carlon Head, Mt O’Reilly and Jenolan River
  • The Three Peaks (well almost – took 48.5hrs…) – Photos
  • Passes of Narrow Neck:
    • Narrow Neck and Radiata Plateau Hexathlon via Blacks Ladder, Esgate Pass, Devils Hole, Redledge Pass, Golden Stairs and Furber Stairs – Photos
    • Walls Pass and Golden Stairs loop (Lead by SBW)
    • Redledge, Dunphys, Harmil Ledge and Carlon Head passes loop (Lead by SBW)
    • Waterboard Ladders (Only travelled part way down) – Photos
    • Duncans Pass
  • Fishing on Jenolan River via Ironmonger Spur and Breakfast Creek
  • Dione Dell Canyon, Tortitan and Mt Wallarra – Photos
  • Kalang Falls and Seymour Tops Exploration – Photos

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