A Short Introduction


AOAC (Allchin Outdoor Adventure Club) has its origin with my want to go on a bushwalk, but it wasn’t just any old bushwalk.

I had first come across it whilst reading about an area of the Blue Mountains that I couldn’t get enough of – The Wild Dog Mountains and the Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness. I spent many afternoons reading though old trip reports and even more time studying that artwork that is Myles Dunphy’s “Wild Dog Mountains” Sketch Map which was handed down to me from my father.

Unfortunately, the only person that I knew of that was willing enough to come walking with me moved away from the area for work, and with that my dreams were put on hold. It was not until months later at a family get together, when my Aunty suggested that my cousin, Scott, was into bushwalking, that my plans were put back on the table. I soon contacted Scott and before I knew it we were taking the first of many photos at the Narrow Neck locked gate.

And so it began, the first AOAC walkThe K2K: A classic. 

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